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5 top ways to make people fall in love with your conferences

5 top ways to make people fall in love with your conferences
03 May ‘17

5 top ways to make people fall in love with your conferences

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of people attend conferences to network. And if networking is easy at your conference then people will be more likely to attend your events in the future, and a name badge can really help with networking.

Whilst name badges at conferences are commonly thought of as a seemingly insignificant detail, people find comfort in hearing their own name and generally ‘warm up’ quicker meaning that distributing name badges can help conversation and therefore, networking.

One of the best ways to distribute name badges are on branded lanyards, and whilst these lanyards can be great for attendees they can be a massive pain for event and conference organisers. So ensure your event lanyards go without a hitch with our tips.

1. Get the info for RSVP directly from your attendees

Save yourself from possible embarrassment and ensure all information included on your personalised lanyards is correct by getting your attendees to fill in their own information during the RSVP process. Doing this also helps to save you time as you don’t need to double-check current details.

2. Avoid long registration lines

By getting your attendees to input their information before the event it allows you to avoid long registration. Simply print your name badges, attach to your lanyards and hand them out when people arrive – you could even create split lines for picking up your lanyards by alphabetical order for events with more than 50 attendees.

3. Lanyards are sensitive to your attendee’s outfits

The main issue with other types of name badges is that they can damage your attendee’s clothing. From pin badges to stickers, they can easily harm delicate pieces of clothing and can easily put people off from attending a future event of yours.

Using lanyards instead allows you to easily display the same information, with a much larger brand-able area whilst protecting your attendee’s outfits.

4. Brand the event

As mentioned above, lanyards give you a great surface area to brand – this allows you to keep your name badges clear and easy to read, whilst still being able to show off your brand clearly.

The other great advantage of lanyards is that they’re easily reusable, meaning that it is likely that people who didn’t even attend your conference are likely to see them whilst they are being reused.

5. Support networking

Most people attend conferences to network, so why not support them? Use colour codes to help distinguish between attendees of different professionals and interests, meaning that it’s easy for people to find each other and can start as a conversation starter.

Whilst this all can sound like a lot of work it doesn’t have to be, once you’ve collected your attendee’s details then you can take advantage of our 360 assembly service like Raspberry Pi. All you simply provide us the instructions on how you would like your lanyards to arrive and we’ll do the rest.

So why not start creating your custom conference lanyards today?

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