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Any Olympic year is a good year for lanyards

Any Olympic year is a good year for lanyards
16 Nov ‘16

Any Olympic year is a good year for lanyards

As we’ve already said lanyards come in an array of colours and the ability to personalise them mean they are well suited to sporting events. The 2016 Rio Olympics springs to mind, partly because the British Sports Personality of the Year awards are just a few weeks away.

So, while the Olympics was a few months ago, the upcoming awards are a perfect excuse to look back on Rio 2016. Not only for the UK’s sporting success, but also because brightly printed lanyards were proudly worn by spectators – including the famous ones.

Even movie stars wear lanyards

US movie star Matthew McConaughey was quite the Team USA fan over the summer – both he and his girlfriend were caught on camera wearing their Olympic event lanyards. And, although Prince William and Kate didn’t attend the Rio Olympics, they were present at London 2012. A quick Google search shows hundreds of photos of the couple at London 2012 wearing their purple and red lanyards.

However, it’s not just stars or royalty who wore lanyards at the Rio Olympics – different colour and branded lanyards also made it easy for spectators to enter different areas and arenas. But it wasn’t just spectators happily showing off their brightly coloured lanyards, Olympic officials were also seen wearing staff lanyards to help create an air of authority.

While competitors don’t need to wear a lanyard showing who they are, the coaching staff and press in the ring, track or poolside all wear lanyards holding their details. So, whilst we watched our favourite Olympians competing this summer there were lanyards all over our TV screens.

Lanyards deliver on versatility

In fact, events like the Olympics show off a lanyard’s versatility perfectly. There are so many ways a lanyard can be branded, printed and made to highlight an advertiser or event.

And looking ahead, the 2018 winter Olympics should be another huge year for the lanyard. After all, who wants to keep getting their tickets out of their pockets when you can just wear a lanyard? This is particularly important when you’re in a cold country!

They may only come every two years but an Olympic year is always a great year for lanyards and lanyard manufacturers like us.

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